Elle – Barthes’ Myth and French Humanist Photography

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Ok – finally had time to work out the glitches I was having trying to post while using AirYork >.<

So, as discussed on p.39 & 76 of the text (Hall) I found the Paris-Match image Barthes refers to (see attached)
with the comments by Barthes here

It discusses how the meta-language of the image is French Imperialism: “France is a great Empire that all her sons, without any colour discrimination, faithfully serve under her flag” (Barthes, 115)

I found it interesting that the second chapter begins with a reference to this image when introducing the French Humanist photographs and yet there is no discussion on the very noticeable lack of non-white faces in the works depicted in the text. Anyone who differs from what is perceived as “the norm” according to the French ethnocentric perspective, would be exposed to what Stuart Hall calls “binary forms of representation” like us/them…

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