Elle – Online Life recorded for Real Life?

My post in the COMN4725 blog

COMN4725 - student blog

Yearly Leaf is “an experiment in social permanence”. Yearly Leaf is a an application that captures Facebook updates, posts and check-ins and reproduces them in a printed hardcopy-book format. It reminds me of a high school year book. I think it would be interesting to make these every year then delete your account and start over again 🙂 then look back at them in a decade or two. The only problem with this of course is that it encourages you to post too much on Facebook and then they own it.

Life Clip might be a better option for posting photos, and then making your own photo book perhaps.

Point being that there are so many applications, so many devices that produce images and so many things to do with them, that we have multiple avenues to express and/or play with identity, even to create alternative ones. One could use…

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