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East meets West


In the West we drive to Tantric Bars in out Toyota hybrids, show off our foreign script and dragon henna tattoos to our friends while eating sushi with chopsticks and drinking shōchū, after an hour of practising yoga in clothing with various spiritual symbols emblazoned on them. At home our children enjoy anime and manga, in rooms decorated with prayer flags, scrolls, kimonos and devis. We listen the sounds of sitar, tabla , shakuhachi and taiko and drift off to sleep in our silk pyjamas (if they are well off). We think about visiting an ashram in India to really learn about spirituality.



Meanwhile, in the East, after working 12-hrs, they drive home in BMWs and watch foreign TV dramas, drink Bourbon and eat beef with potatoes while their children play World of Warcraft in a house with televisions, refrigerators and sofas that are too big for the rooms while listening to foreign pop music in their flannel pyjamas (if they are well off). They think about visiting New York City to really go shopping.


Why do you think Eastern philosophies and symbolisms are so popular in the West? Why do (esp. young) people in the East think everything is better in the West? How does this affect our construction of identity?