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Seeing the video about the Couple in the Cage: Guatinaui Odyssey  brought to mind the concept and practise of ‘Human Safaris’ – where there are many places in the world where tourists pay to be taken by locals to see the ‘other’ – more ‘primitive’ people or people living in poverty. South Africathe Andaman Islands, and  other places.

Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright (Practises of Looking, 2009) argue that viewing is a ‘multimodel’ activity that involves a range of elements besides the individual who looks, and what or whom is being looked at. The viewer, they contend, is interpellated by that which they view in that the viewer comes to recognize themselves within a particular classification or group and “is situated in a field of meaning production”.

So I am wondering if  the people who participate in the human safaris are doing so (consciously or subconsciously) to affirm their…

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